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Web Ballot Id 1742 
Title Revised MA 5000, MS Accreditation Manual 
Description Public comments are sought on the proposed revision of MA 5000, ANAB Management Systems Accreditation Manual. Please submit your comments no later than November 8, 2019. 
Due Date 11/08/2019 
Status Open 
Document MA 5000 Draft Revision-PublicComment-20191009.docx 
Comments and Documents
Date/Time Commenter Comments Supporting Document
10/09/2019 8:39PM  Kevin Kirker  For 11.6, I would request clarification on the timing requirement being defined for notifying client on an appropriate reduction of available CB scope... How was (10) calendar days arrived at?   
10/09/2019 8:41PM  Kevin Kirker  For an 'Information Visit', can we appropriately revise 'typically prior to CB's application...' to only '...prior to CB's application' as I would assume if you were a currently accredited CB that this type of AB/CB visit would not apply and only a special visit would appropriate based on perceived/actual nonconformances with affected accreditation requirements.   
10/09/2019 8:45PM  Kevin Kirker  In regards to 3.1, I would request ANAB shall approve any 'assessors in training' prior to the assessment with the CB. This is not appropriate to simply suggest for any given audit, the CBs shall accept without an opportunity to approve 'assessors in training'.