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Title Revised AR 29, Accreditation Program for Aerospace ICOP 
Description Public comments are sought on the proposed revision of ANAB Accreditation Rule 29, Accreditation Program for Aerospace ICOP Program–AS9100, AS9110, and AS9120. Please submit your comments no later than June 24, 2019. 
Due Date 06/24/2019 
Status Open 
Document Revised AR29 Accreditation for Aerospace ICOP-PublicComment-20190524.docx 
Comments and Documents
Date/Time Commenter Comments Supporting Document
05/24/2019 11:30AM  Tudor Pietraru  All changes make sense. Para 11. not sure if is still applicable   
05/24/2019 11:36AM  Kevin Kirker  How does ANAB differentiate between 'outsourced' and 'directly contracted (i.e. written agreement)' if some of the aforementioned CB functions are done externally with a group who is supported with an underlining contract agreement?