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Web Ballot Id 1567 
Title Revised AR 21, Accreditation for EMS 
Description Public comments are sought on the proposed revision of ANAB Accreditation Rule 21, Accreditation Program for Environmental Management Systems. Please submit your comments no later than February 23, 2018. 
Due Date 02/23/2018 
Status Open 
Document Revised AR21 Accreditation Program for EMS-PublicComment-20180124.DOCX 
Comments and Documents
Date/Time Commenter Comments Supporting Document
01/24/2018 5:46PM  Tudor Pietraru  No comments, in agreement.   
01/24/2018 10:14PM  Huiyao Zhang  In Annex 1, IAF code 7 is described as "paper products" and "pulp and paper manufacturing". But the IAF code 7 in IAF ID 1 is "pulp, paper and paper products". So paper and paper manufacturing are the same items?